August 09, 2005

Accent Mark Challenge #1
I floated the idea of doing this (accent mark) when I saw and posted about these slippers from The Company Store catalog on my blog Peapies.

They are DEEEElicios and in looking at them thought "I could make something LIKE this" which in turn made me think wouldn't it be fun to float a mass produced or old idea in to the cyber craft world and see what people come up with on their own (using this as an inspirational diving board).

Like the immensely creative Looby Lu sponsored Month of Softies and Angry Chicken's inspired and sweetly nostalgic Apron project Tie One On, the theme is the the ITEM is the challenge.

I hope this is fun. There are really no rules. Produce in your favored medium. Knit, crochet, felt, sew, embroider anything flies. Well, obviously a purse submission wouldn't be appropriate if the challenge is a slipper, now would it? But you get the idea...if the challenge is mostly brown and you love blue then go for it!

So the above picture is the first challenge.
Deadline for photo and blog link is: October 15th

Get. Ready get set and "ala" (imagine an accent mark on the ala) away.

---------------ACCENT MARK---------------

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